Quieting The Pain

Why are so many of our young people using drugs and alcohol across the country? Pain…usually is the issue, emotional and psychological. Many of them have what therapists call co-occurring disorders i.e., anxiety, depression, ADHD. There is usually a stigma attached to accepting the fact that mental health treatment is needed.

Hope is what we need to offer folks that are hurting not self-righteous, judge-mental attitudes about what is right or wrong, but true caring and compassionate help.

Until we begin to understand the problem, we won’t find the answer. If “you don’t know…you don’t know”. Their are treatment centers all across the country that are doing and good job in helping the addicted, then there are those that are only in it for the money, or to feel better about themselves and there own shamed based thinking.

I have an acquaintance in louisville, Ky that has been helping peopling with substance abuse counseling for over 40 years, and he has told me that people need acceptance, not barriers to help. It’s “incredibly fulfilling and rewarding” to help them he says, but we must approach their treatment with the intention to help rather than continue the cycle of shame and addiction.

Let’s us all try to accept people as Jesus would, without judgement or condemnation, but with love and hope.

Counseling, Leading Others To Hope

The greatest thing about the process of counseling is not so much as the actual counsel that is given, but the hope that is imparted. That is blown into the life of another breathing soul. Hope that can carry them not only through this live, but the next. When the counselee discovers the fact that someone else believes in him and that change can come, he becomes inspired and wants to walk into a new and better life.

Happiness – 101

Happiness has an essential element contained within it, and that is to create the ability to live one day at a time. New habits and ways of thinking are required if we are to move into a new life of freedom and contentment. The old ways have not worked for us. We are to develop new pathways to joy and contentment.

One critical component to get ourselves out of the way of that proverbial moving freight train is to live in the present. That is all if we have, so let’s make the best of it. Laser focus on the here and now.

What is it about trees and nature?


What is it about being outdoors, walking in the woods, especially in the fall and autumn. Trees turning colors and beauty all around. How can you not sense that there is a God when you feel this? My friend has a louisville tree removal business in Kentucky and he tells me that he hates to remove a tree that took so long to grow and form, but sometimes it is necessary. But like all things they eventually decay and have to be removed.


The Clock Is Ticking…


Yes, the clock is ticking and our lives are disappearing right before our eyes. Try to take time today to see what you can do to make yours a special one. What matters most in your life? When die, what would like other to say about you?

Think about your obituary, your headstone. What would you like to say on your headstone about you and how you lived your life.

5 Lives To Live – You Choose

If you had five lives to live and there no limits placed on your abilities, what would you live look like? I understand that you may not have superior athletic, that’s not what I’m talking about. Within reason what would those live look like?

What would your average day look like? Who would you be with, where would you be, and what would you be doing that would create joy and excitement in your life?

Think about these things. You truly only have one life to live.

10X Rule

I read a sample page about the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. I wonder if this is some sort of revolutionary idea that lead one to faster results or just a lot of smack talk. The idea is to dream bigger and to do more work than you originally anticipated when going after a project.

Would I recommend the book? Not really, but I do recommend that you take 10x the action. Action, perfect action is the goal. Although imperfect action is the what takes place, and that is not all bad. The more action you take the more results you will see. I also think you’ll get better at what you’re doing.

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website

Hey guys, welcome to my new website called Aperto-elearning.  I just wanted to drop  a note and to remind you to check back tomorrow for more content. This site will be dedicated to opening our minds to new teachings. New ways of thinking and enjoying life.

The word aperto is derived from the greek word  αβέρτος meaning “to open”. So… I plan to open new ways of doing things to help make our lives more productive, meaningful and happy.

To prod you into greatness and to do things differently if you are not experiencing life the way that you would like.