Quieting The Pain

Why are so many of our young people using drugs and alcohol across the country? Pain…usually is the issue, emotional and psychological. Many of them have what therapists call co-occurring disorders i.e., anxiety, depression, ADHD. There is usually a stigma attached to accepting the fact that mental health treatment is needed.

Hope is what we need to offer folks that are hurting not self-righteous, judge-mental attitudes about what is right or wrong, but true caring and compassionate help.

Until we begin to understand the problem, we won’t find the answer. If “you don’t know…you don’t know”. Their are treatment centers all across the country that are doing and good job in helping the addicted, then there are those that are only in it for the money, or to feel better about themselves and there own shamed based thinking.

I have an acquaintance in louisville, Ky that has been helping peopling with substance abuse counseling for over 40 years, and he has told me that people need acceptance, not barriers to help. It’s “incredibly fulfilling and rewarding” to help them he says, but we must approach their treatment with the intention to help rather than continue the cycle of shame and addiction.

Let’s us all try to accept people as Jesus would, without judgement or condemnation, but with love and hope.